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Summary: Several Native American tribes are in danger of losing sacred land, as the owner of the land who has let them use it for ceremonies is now selling it. The South Dakota gov't has expressed that they intend to buy the land, and tear it down to build a highway and development projects through it. They are trying to raise money to buy at least part of the land back. Which, as the land was originally theirs, is fucking sickening.

Please check it out.


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The current drought in East Africa is the worst in 60 years. Between 11 and 13 million people in Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and Djibouti are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Tens of thousands of people walk for days headed to refugee camps only to die of thirst and hunger. Mothers have to choose which of their children will live, babies are born only to be left to die, women are at higher risk for sexual assault, and the instability of the famine only exacerbates existing political tensions and violence. To make matters worse there's no rain forecast until September, leaving millions of people hanging on for dear life.

I know that a lot of us might not have the financial ability to donate but please, please donate if you can, bbs. Every little bit helps. To my Canadian bbs, every dollar we donate will be matched by the government until September 16th.

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Feel free to link the shit out of this post. Any suggestions or updates are more than welcome. I know that a lot of us can't afford to give, but if you can please, please do.