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Birthdate:Aug 1
Writer, bookworm, geek, poet, hopeless romantic, shipper, pansexua/queer/too gay to function, shameless fangirl, dork, student, daydreamer, Sri Lankan Tamil, feminist, socialist, tree hugger, lover, genderqueer/polygender, agnostic Hindu, riot grrrl, bleeding-heart, superheroine, polemic, pro-choice, X-Phile, bitch, cuddle slut, procrastinator, loser, passionate, intelligent, loyal, badass, compassionate, stubborn, difficult, annoying, Jackie Kennedy First-Class Barbie Princess, a Very Nice Girl.

Friends only but you don't need to ask to friend me, I love new friends and will usually friend back. I'm not the best at updating my lj but I try to keep up with other people's posts and comment when I can.

I generally like discussion, debate and differing viewpoints. But saying anything sexist, racist, transphobic, homophobic, ableist, &etc will result in me telling to you to stfu and gtfo. Saying you dislike one of my OTPs will get you some serious side-eye. Saying something like, 'Twilight is better than Harry Potter' will result in you being dead to me forever.
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Although they are only breath, words which I command are immortal - Sappho

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